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About Canadian Creator

A Digital First Canada project in partnership with Buffer Festival.

After over 10 years of helping channels grow, there's one very apparent thing: Canada is different.

Taxes, business structures, government funds, brand deals are different, the brands themselves are different, budgets are different, and brands have unique goals compared to the rest of the world.

There have been countless times I've seen Canadian creators ask a question and get answers that don't fit their specific needs.

Hi, nice to meet you

Corrado, wearing a sparkly tuxido, standing on the Buffer Festival red carpet being interviewed

I'm Corrado.

My goal is to grow creators.

I'm obsessed with digital video and viewer engagement.

I live by a hard and fast rule that always leads to long-term success: Out of every algorithm, the most important thing is the content - not 'hacking' an algorithm that will change in a couple of months.

I'm a consultant for some of the country's largest companies and with creators worldwide.

I'm the founder and COO of Buffer Festival, known as the "YouTube film festival" and the "Oscars of YouTube".

I've started 5 different million-dollar businesses, worked with over 150 YouTube channels, and brought my recent roster of clients from collectively making $200,000 a year in AdSense to now making over $2,300,000 in revenue a year.

And now I'm here sharing my knowledge with you.

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"We're in a connection economy, those who connect with others succeed." - Seth Gooden on the vital aspects of success

Launching very very soon, the Canadian Creator community is designed for professional creators who are looking to work together under expert mentor-lead guidance. A community dedicated to growing audiences, increasing revenue, and advancing creator careers.