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For professional Canadian Creators dedicated to working together to make better videos, earn more revenue dollars, and take their creator career to the next level - all while having access to expert mentors. Join the waitlist to get first access to this limited-space community of like-minded creator professions.

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Thank you for applying for Founder Alpha Access

🎉 Your application has been received!

We're very excited to get this community underway and start growing creators. Thank you for taking the time to apply.

You should receive a confirmation email saying that you're on the waitlist. It might take a few minutes.

Selectants will be notified shortly.

What if I'm not selected?

Alpha access is intended to be a very small group of creators who can help provide first impressions of the community and give feedback before the doors of the community are opened to the next group.

If you're not selected, no worries! You'll remain on the waitlist for the next group of creators and will be notified promptly when that opens up.

...What if I AM selected?

You'll receive an email inviting you to join the community. We're looking for feedback on two main parts.

  1. Community onboarding (emails, when you first enter the community, etc)
  2. The community experience itself (layout, ease of use, what's missing, etc)

Please take note of every email communication and every part of the journey. We'd like to hear feedback on what worked well and, more importantly, what needs improvement.

How do I get priority?

The earlier you're on the waitlist, the more priority you'll have. Creators who signed up for alpha, will have priority into beta.

Can I remove myself?

As always, you can remove yourself from the list anytime by unsubscribing through any of the emails.

If you change your mind, you can put yourself back into the waitlist at any time through the forms on this website.