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The easiest fill-in-the-blank content formula anyone can do

Instead of thinking, "Let's make a video about _____," fill in the blanks on the following. Be as detailed as possible.

The easiest fill-in-the-blank content formula anyone can do

Every creator in the room was stunned.

The only answer ten creators could give after exchanging glances across the boardroom table was: "Uh..."

It was a deep dive into video performance, and I started the seminar with a single question: "Why would someone watch this?"

The answer that was eventually said was: "It's a good idea, though."

The problem is: how do you know if it's a good idea?

Creators are always chasing good idea after good idea.

But every good idea feels like a gamble.

And the views are below average.

There's no subscriber growth.

It feels hopeless.


All their problems were solvable.

The main problems these creators had were having good ideas that lacked understanding of the audience, the value they were providing them, and what would drive someone to watch.

All solvable problems.

By the end of the seminar, everyone had a clear understanding of what they needed to do.

But it was after the seminar, when I was waiting for my coffee, that I realized there was an extremely simple way to solve this.

The answer to creating the right good idea is completing a simple fill-in-the-blank statement.

Instead of thinking, "Let's make a video about _____," fill in the blanks on the following. Be as detailed as possible.

👉 “We’re targeting _____ and they’re getting _____ so that they _____ ” 👈

This turns an idea like "Let's make a video about the Helldivers 2 side mission" into:

"We’re targeting experienced Helldivers 2 players and they’re getting tips even they might not know about the SEAF side mission so that they can be better at the game and impress their friends." (​watch this video here​)


“We’re targeting hardcore fans of Nickelback and they’re getting a crazy backstory about a tour stop so that they know more about the band they love


"We're targeting complete beginners who want to get started with smart home tech and they're getting a guide about fundamentals they need to know to get started so that they can decide which tech is best for their needs"

This works because it creates an important foundation that shows how the video...

  1. Targets the right and specific audience
  2. Creates a need that drives the viewer to watch
  3. Creates a goal that you, as the creator, need to stick to

Those are the key ingredients needed to turn a good idea into a good idea.

With that completed sentence, you'll know:

  • How to create the title and thumbnail to appeal to the target audience
  • How to craft the first 3 seconds to hook the target audience
  • Why viewers are watching and to always keep their goal in mind

Send me your sentence.

I'd love to give feedback on your (now structured) good idea.

​Send me a post (tweet?) on X (Twitter?)​ with your completed sentence, or post it inside our creator community.

See you next time ✌️


Corrado Coia profile image Corrado Coia